Sheeva Yoga

Play Fast Or Don´t, LP compilation

Psychocontrol Records, 2008

  1. Návnada
  2. Boj za čistou mysl chemickými zbraněmi mp3
  3. Vokuhila (2 "P.F.O.D." versions)

Demokracie 158 Noise Crew,
CD-R compilation

HSC Hardcore, 2008

  1. Půlměsíc v trenkách mp3
  2. Empty River-Beds mp3

Search & Drink, LP split

w/ Disney
Olga Hepnarová Records, Wahnfried Records, Destroy After Use Records, Hitchin´ To Revolution Records, Dead Heroes Records, Noise Master Records, OVxHC Records, Emergency Records, Bažina Records, Heart In Kronstadt Records, Exit Production, Mente Captus Distro, JN The Beast, Člověk, Mauglí, Ultra Doom Taliban, Rauha Turva, 2008

  1. L´Ami du Peuple mp3
  2. Malleus Terrorficarum
  3. Půlměsíc v trenkách mp3
  4. Boomerang Effect
  5. Punkfashion Casualties
  6. Vokuhila mp3
  7. Nu-metal je na kokot mp3
  8. Individualized Floorpuncher (cover of CHARLES BRONSON)
  9. Sebou postižení hrdinové
  10. Stage Messiah
  11. Umění komunikace

Fast Comp, MC compilation

Sassbologna Records, 2007

  1. Vokuhila (live) mp3

Heartotheque, CD

Olga Hepnarová Records, 2007

  1. Better Off Dead (cover of GUYANA PUNCH LINE) mp3
  2. Too Short to Ignore (cover of Le SCRAWL)
  3. Gravity (cover of DEFAULT)
  4. Čekal jsem na tvoji chybu (cover of TELEFON)
  5. Ram It Up (cover of S.O.D. / INFERNO)
  6. Concrete and Steel (cover of FROM ASHES RISE)
  7. Another Silly War (cover of 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA)
  8. Car Alarm (cover of MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY)
  9. Tough Guy (cover of BEASTIE BOYS)
  10. Swallowed by Karma (cover of MANEURYSM)
  11. Suchej pes (cover of HASTR)
  12. Spazz vs.Mother Nature (cover of SPAZZ)
  13. Deceiver (cover of NAPALM DEATH)
  14. Damone (cover of DEFTONES)

Czechcore Will Kick You Into Your Head, MC compilation

OVxHC Records, 2006

  1. Head against a Wall

Benefit Pro OHZ - Ochránce Hospodářských Zvířat, CD compilation

Rage Dis Records, Frostempfindlich Records, 2006

  1. Barrel Organ

Benefit Pro Organizaci Svoboda Zvířat II, CD compilation

Misanthrope Records, 2005

  1. Far

More Weapons - More Security, CD split

w/ Shell Shock
Hyenyzm Records, Olga Hepnarová Records, 2005

  1. About Freedom by Math
  2. Jane´s Ladder mp3
  3. Transformation of Cudgel mp3
  4. More Weapons - More Security mp3
  5. Change in Absurdistan
  6. Deceiver (cover of NAPALM DEATH)
  7. You Sensitive Punch
  8. Za tů horů
  9. Spazz vs.Mother Nature (cover of SPAZZ)

Ambivalent Attitude, 7"EP split

w/ More Bad News
Ultima Ratio Records, Hyenyzm Records, Rage Dis Records, Drugs Kill Your Mind Records, Human Meat For Sale Records, Outcry Records, Olga Hepnarová Records, 2004

  1. Safe Opposition Shell
  2. Crazy Horse & Supercharger
  3. Opinion + Image = Music Style?
  4. Outlet into Circle
  5. Gullinbursti
  6. Radishaper mp3

Move Your Ass, CD compilation

Move Your Ass Free-Zine, 2004

  1. More Weapons - More Security mp3

Killed By Noise, MC compilation

Impregnate Records, 2004

  1. Transformation of Cudgel mp3
  2. Outlet into Circle

The Opinions Of Noise, VHS live compilation

Eyes Cannot Die Productions, 2003

  1. Chrám svatého Víta (intro, cover of VÁCLAV NECKÁŘ)
  2. Safe Opposition Shell
  3. Amphetamine Fish
  4. Alley of Dried Up Peach Trees
  5. Barrel organ
  6. Opinion + Image = Music Style?
  7. Change in Absurdistan
  8. Transformation of Cudgel
  9. C.T.O.D.K.
  10. Spazz vs.Mother Nature (cover of SPAZZ)

Open-Minded Split 4 Open-Minded People a.k.a. Free-Jazz vs. Hardcore, 7"EP 4-way split

w/ Green Beret, The Hub, Tres Hombres
Hyenyzm Records, 2003

  1. Tangibility mp3
  2. Warsow in Warsaw mp3
  3. Amphetamine Fish mp3

Discordancing Remixes, CD-R 3-way split

w/ Napalmed, Social Deformity
DIY, 2003

  1. R.F.Thesis (Black Cat in Absinth Coma Mix) mp3
  2. Lüge Also Bin (Join Da Borin' Drum'n'Bass Scene Mix) mp3
  3. R.F.Thesis mp3
  4. Lüge Also Bin mp3

MC 3-way live split

w/ Crucify Yourself, Arturo
Out Of Control Records, 2002

  1. Safe Opposition Shell
  2. Schizocube & Dead Toys
  3. To Be Ownself
  4. R.F.Thesis
  5. Head against a Wall
  6. Crazy Horse & Supercharger
  7. Tangibility
  8. Far
  9. Barrel Organ
  10. Bukkoroshite Yaru Zo

Common Life, MC compilation

Drugs Kill Your Mind Records, 2002

  1. Píseň o Žofii - katově dívce mp3
  2. Tanguy´s Landscape mp3
  3. Miss Morale´s Garden mp3

Obscene Extreme 2002, CD compilation

Obscene Extreme Productions, 2002

  1. Belief - Blame mp3

Spiel Schnell Oder Sterbe, 7"EP split

w/ Sterbehilfe Human? Definitions?
Hyenyzm Records, 2002

  1. Belief - Blame mp3
  2. Drove mp3
  3. Ali mp3
  4. Same Bitch mp3
  5. Miss Morale's Garden mp3

The Real Face Of Hardcore,
VHS soundtrack

Biohazard Industries, 2001

  1. Prozac Blues mp3
  2. Oz Uray Etihsorokkub mp3

self-titled, 7"EP split

w/ NOT Play Fast Or Die
Hyenyzm Records, 2001

  1. R.F.Thesis mp3
  2. Overtired? mp3
  3. Schizocube & Dead Toys mp3
  4. Bukkoroshite Yaru Zo mp3
  5. Small Difference mp3
  6. To Be Ownself mp3

Czechcore vol.3, MC compilation

Impregnate Records, 2000

  1. R.F.Thesis mp3

Promo 2000, MC

DIY, 2000

  1. R.F.Thesis mp3
  2. Schizocube & Dead Toys mp3
  3. Overtired? mp3
  4. Crowley's Feedback to Willow-Whistle's Disharmony mp3